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With Bethard’s acquisition of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the marketing strategy changed to target a wider audience. The toughness from Dragomir Mrisic was cleaned and replaced with a more positive inspirational explorer vibe.
With Zlatan at the front seat the brand was going to position itself as the betting company with  “Europe’s Highest Odds”.

Changing the design of bethard
to be more accessible

One of the challenges was to create a landing page that both feels like an igaming landing page and not,  both to stand out and avoid negative igaming associations and still inspiring emotions.


The landing page was focused on introducing Zlatan, promoting odds and live odds with live feeds from the sportsbook and give an “odds-widget” type of landing page feel.


The new design aimed to reflect a softer, explorer-inspired color palette, more positive and highlighting the "quarterback-hero" instead of the previous teeth smashing Bethard winner - instead of “bending the rules to win” the idea was to give a vibe of freedom and the “opportunity to challenge yourself to achieve glory”.

In the same wave all the smoke and anything that could potentially bring

a “negative” feeling was removed in two weeks and replaced with a more smiling product-oriented design approach.


Design / Interactive Art Direction, Concept, Video editing

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Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

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Backend Developer


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